Waminda Research

Building The Aboriginal Led Knowledge Base

Research Aims

All research conducted with Waminda will align with our strategic directions and be accountable, culturally safe and relevant to the communities we work alongside. We are committed to ensuring any research we commission and/or partner with others to do, will contribute towards improving the quality of life of Aboriginal peoples and to a greater understanding and respect for First Nations culture and ways of being, knowing and doing.

We are also committed to building our research capacity to lead and actively participate in the research we are involved in, and to employing and training Aboriginal researchers.

Joint Research With Waminda

If you are seeking to undertake research with Waminda , you will need to submit an Expression Of Interest form to our research committee at


Waminda’s Research Committee meets on the last Wednesday every month to discuss and assess Research proposals from external organisations seeking our active participation in a research initiative.

All studies that seek Waminda’s participation regardless of target sample and type of project (ie. research masters, PhD or research projects) are required to follow this process. The Research Committee will assess the proposal based on strategic priorities; community benefit and our capacity to participate at the time. We aim to have a response as to our decision to participate within 4-5 weeks of receipt of the written request.

Our Research Priorities From 2020 – 2025

Aboriginal Mothers & Babies

Birthing On Yuin Country

Indigenous Midwifery-Led Care For Mothers & Their Babies

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services Innovation

Waminda’s Model of Care

Balaang Healing Framework

Staff Wellbeing Framework

Strengths Based Approaches

Wrap Around/Integrated & Comprehensive Care

Social & Emotional Wellbeing

Holistic Models Of Care

Suicide Prevention Programs

Trauma & Healing Models

Preventable Chronic & Comunicable Diseases

Research Into


Heart Diseases

Kidney Diseases

Lung Diseases

Cancer Prevention & Care

Family Preservation & Restoration

Indigenous Models Of Family Support & Child Wellbeing

Advocacy & Systemic Change

Wellbeing Programs

Dead Or Deadly

Supporting Our Young Women (Bulwul Balaang)

Supporting Our Young Men (Gumun Nanga - Mai)


Decolonizing Practices To Reclaim Models Of Health Care & Delivery

Decolonizing Food & Nutrition

Leadership Models That Reflect Aboriginal Ways Of Knowing, Being & Doing

Women-Led Leadership Models

Social & Cultural Determinants Of Health

Social Model Of Health,

Housing Support

Domestic & Family Violence Services

Employment & Sustainable Economy

Food Security, Reclaiming Stewardship & Ownership Of Native Food

Prevent The Spread

Please click here to find out more information about COVID-19 and how it has affected Waminda services. Please self-isolate if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, including a sore throat, coughing or sneezing, or flu-like symptoms. Call our reception to make a telehealth appointment with one of our doctors.

Our practice has an appointment booking system for all consultations, we can accommodate walk in consultations with the clinical team, but it is encouraged to make a booked appointment. On arrival you will be triaged by an Aboriginal health worker prior to seeing the Doctor. If you are unable to attend face to face due to symptoms, we have the option of a telehealth appointment.