Blak Cede Fundraiser


Blak Cede – Our New Social Enterprise

Waminda is creating hand-made products sourced on in the Shoalhaven on the South Coast of NSW, led by our Community of strong Aboriginal women.


Blak Cede products are made from mostly hard-harvested traditional foods, herbs and flowers from the NSW South Coast, and created in mind of wellbeing and longevity. We want to grow and share our ways of Knowing, Being and Doing, and make a powerful food and cultural experience that will give back to the Community who leads it.

Blak Cede needs your support to raise the Start-Up Capital to create and launch our products, featuring Native Food inspired ingredients. Our vision to grow means we need to expand our resources including production equipment, packaging, staffing, branding and more. Waminda is holding a fundraiser through Chuffed, a non-profit crowdfunding enterprise, which helps raise money for thousands of charities, individuals and community groups trying to make a difference.

At the moment we need to raise $50,000 for our Start-Up Capital. This will be used to help make our production set up, product development, packaging, and branding commercially viable. It will support us in moving forward with creating employment opportunities for our local Aboriginal women. The Blak Cede team will work to create meaningful connections in our community where people may be experiencing isolation, lack of employment opportunity and the need for connecting to Country. We are engaging in our ways of Knowing, Being and Doing as practice of decolonisation and reclamation for our community. We’re using traditional knowledge to produce healthy products that people love.


If you want to help us with this project, please click the donate button above. For more information, follow the link to our Chuffed fundraiser, and see the amazing perks you’ll get for supporting us!

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Blak Cede Social Enterprise

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